Dear, Dear Ervin

The following is a letter to Ervin Stutzman from my brother and Pink Menno co-creator, Luke Yoder.
The pic is of my mom and one of my sisters. Because the family that Pink prays together, stays together.

Hi Ervin,

I wanted to express my ongoing sadness that the MC USA Exec. Board continues to find every opportunity to hold down and oppress when there are wonderfully prophetic voices that are showing us how we can live into a new reality.  I don’t have the words to express my disappointment that the Executive Board seems to believe that its role is to hold a false unity rather than celebrate a very real diversity.  This is an incredibly disappointing (and, ultimately, damaging to countless individuals who continue to be reminded that the Mennonite Church does not have enough love to accept and welcome them) response to Mountain States.

I do realize that leadership during times like this is not easy.  You are in an unenviable position.  But that doesn’t mean that your responsibility to the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the oppressed is any less.  Those are the people that Jesus served, and I would hope are the people that you and the Exec. Board view yourselves as serving.  I truly fail to comprehend how statements like the one released today in any way acts as Christ would in this situation.

I implore you and the rest of the Exec. Board to find the courage to rise up onto the backs of the countless individuals who are struggling on behalf of the oppressed and the marginalized.  Although there have been many recent decisions and statements made by the Exec. Board that have not taken this courageous path, it is not too late.  Please continue to search out the BMC’s of the world, the Carol Wise’s of the world, the Open Letter pastors of the world, the Pink Mennos of the world, the MSMC’s of the world, the CDC’s of the world, the Theda Good’s of the world.  Let yourself be open to, and accepting of, the boundless courage that these individuals and organizations are prepared to share with you.  Once, just once, don’t be afraid to lead this church.

In closing, I must shout from the rooftops that the Spirit cannot be contained.  No matter the walls or the divisions that you or the Exec. Board try to put up, hope and a movement toward justice will always continue.  Pink isn’t going anywhere.  Actually, that’s not true.  It’s spreading.  And it will continue to spread.  I just hope and pray that Pink reaches everyone before MC USA does more damage to those who have been told they don’t have a place in this church.  Hope continues.

 The Spirit will prevail.

With a heavy heart, but an ongoing optimism that love will prevail,
Luke Yoder

3 thoughts on “Dear, Dear Ervin

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  2. Luke and Jen- I truly appreciate the disappointment that this decision has caused. Your response is well written in a spirit of love and humility rather than anger. I believe things will change and faster than you may believe at the moment. Many of those who are gratified by this decision have never had a meaningful relationship (at least that they are aware of) with a LGBT. As an individual that would have fallen into that category when I was younger I want to encourage you to push for continued discussion. Ask questions. Share experiences. It is through personal loving contact and the associated respect that things will change.



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